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Caring for your jewellery

Please take care while handling your jewellery. You should treat your jewellery as art pieces, and respect their craftmanship and the fact they are delicate. 

  • Remove your jewellery before starting any activity that might cause friction and/or damage it. For example when swimming, playing sports, cooking or gardening.
  • Avoid any contact with cosmetic or household products, since they contain ingredients that could discolour your jewellery.
  • Avoid rapid changes of temperature, if possible.
  • Store your jewellery in an individual case, never dispose them loose in your purse or carrier bag without protection. 
  • We advice to soak it regularly for a few minutes at a time in warm soapy water (only a pH-neutral soap to be used).
  • Gently brush it with a very soft toothbrush and then rinse it carefully in luke-warm water.
  • Finally dry and buff the piece with a soft cloth or a clean microfibre tissue.

Please contact us at if you have any questions regarding the maintenance of your YSSO jewellery.  

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