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Our Story

YSSO is the London and Athens based jewellery label from creative mom-and-daughter duo Alexia and Stalo Karides. What does YSSO mean? YSSO is derived from the word gold in Greek, "chrysso". As standalone word which does not have a traditional meaning, and was imagined by Stalo and Alexia on the concept of a blank canvas. Based on the idea that the brand and their designs become a vehicle for everyone to interpret them in different ways.

A Shared Vision

A shared vision of modern jewellery making characterizes their timeless Greek inspired designs. History and creativity merge seamlessly. Cultural inspirations deriving from their Greek heritage, as well as their joined lives in France, and the UK highly influence the designs, and outlook of the brand.

Hand Carved Jewellery

There is something truly special about handcrafted jewellery. At YSSO each piece is crafted by hand with care and attention to detail, making it a one-of-a-kind treasure.

The Made in Greece Ethos

Greece, is a country known for its handmade jewellery, and goldsmithing carries a particularly rich history, dating back to ancient times. Today, Greek jewellery makers continue to carry on their traditions, creating beautiful pieces that are both unique and steeped in cultural significance.