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YSSO is the London and Athens based jewellery label from creative mom-and-daughter duo Alexia and Stalo Karides. What does YSSO mean? YSSO is derived from the word gold in Greek, "chrysso". As standalone word which does not have a traditional meaning, and was imagined by Stalo and Alexia on the concept of a blank canvas. Based on the idea that the brand and their designs become a vehicle for everyone to interpret them in different ways.

A Shared Vision

A shared vision of modern jewellery making characterizes their timeless Greek inspired designs. History and creativity merge seamlessly. Cultural inspirations deriving from their Greek heritage, as well as their joined lives in France, and the UK highly influence the designs, and outlook of the brand.

From Archeology to Jewellery

Stalo, an archaeologist who worked on excavations across Greece in the 1980s, has always been fascinated by the emotive power of jewellery as a vehicle for women to express themselves.

Inspirations originally stemming from Stalo's background in History of Art, Archaeology and resulting in the accumulation of more than 30 years of jewellery making experience, the archive of designs and miniature sculptures, makes YSSO more than a jewellery brand. It is the expression of memories, the evolution of natural process and the development of their aesthetic system.

Multi-talented Team

As a brand born of intergenerational and multidisciplinary collaboration, Alexia — a former lawyer and more — is the Creative Director of the brand and is constantly inspired by observing incospicuous and overlooked details. YSSO has become the accumulation of the shared and varied inspirations, and the multicultural world the designers live in. From the city life of London, to their Greek origins.

Artistic expression and craftsmanship sit at the core. All proprietary YSSO creations are designed by hand via direct sculpting from Stalo and Alexia, and are produced in limited quantities by skilled artisans in a foundry and goldsmith specialist workshop in Athens, Greece.