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The Brand Story

Our Story

It takes two.  Mother-daughter duo, Alexia and Stalo Karides, founded YSSO in 2020 with the shared vision of modern jewellery with ancient beginnings. Combining their unique experiences — Stalo is an archaeologist and art historian with over 30 years experience in jewellery making and Alexia is an ex-corporate lawyer turned brand creative director — the two creatives tap into their Greek heritage to design organic and sculptural pieces, each handcrafted and completely unique. 

Modern Greek Design

YSSO is a celebration of balance and harmony; ancient and modern. Our work is defined by the rich history and natural beauty of Greece. We draw inspiration from our country's diverse landscape — incorporating elements from the sea, mountains, and flora — and partner exclusively with Athenian workshops in order to highlight traditional Greek jewellery making and goldsmithing techniques. 

Sustainable Design Practices

Craftsmanship is at the very heart of our brand. We work exclusively with a workshop in Athens dedicated to preserving Greece’s goldsmithing and traditional jewellery making techniques. By taking a more considered approach, we aim to reduce the significant risks and challenges posed by mass production to the survival of artisanal skills and to the planet. YSSO jewellery carries on the stories of craftsmen and the knowledge passed down for generations. Each piece is as unique as the hands that made it. 

We prioritise the use of recycled and locally-sourced materials in addition to employing environmentally conscious production techniques.