At YSSO, our aim is to revive the traditional artisanal Greek craftsmanship of jewellery making. We exclusively work with some of the best workshops in Athens, to bring to life our designs. 

Our designs are created by a mix of up to 35% recyclable and natural bronze under a double plating of 18 and 24 carat gold. 

We strive to create imperfection by design. Slight variations form part of the story behind each piece. The beauty of the handmade lies in these imperfections that have been left there by the hand that made them for you. 



A collection inspired by the shapes and movements that occur in nature. We wanted to recreate the movement of the wind, the waves, the leaves - the unpredictability of those movements - by manipulating solid metal, silver, gold or bronze.


A collection inspired by the pillars found in architectural buildings, which stand tall and proud supporting the structure but also ornament them. We experiment with a variety of shapes and ideas within the construites of the solidity of pillars.


Create a bouquet in your jewellery box, with our designs across different collections which feature nature and in particular flowers.


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