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We believe unequivocally that art enhances our experience, and improves our quality of life.

A passion in goldsmithing and the evolution of jewellery design is deeply rooted in YSSO’s raison d’etre. Just as exploring the modern design boundaries is integral to the brand, our considered collections are created with the purpose of enhancing creative exploration.

In developing our jewellery, our first consideration is to bring emotion and function together. Creating with honesty and mindfulness to our community and envirnoment.

The Jewellery

Ethical Production

Ethically produced in limited quantities, using up to 35% recyclable bronze, sterling silver and gold.

Design Anthology

For thousands of years, the techniques we employ have been used to bring to life statues, ornaments and jewellery since before Ancient Greece. Our design anthology was developed considerately and organically over the course of three decades, and having the highest level of respect for the traditions of jewellery making.

Community & Craft


Bringing together rich traditions and a wealth of expertise are our foundry and goldsmithing workshops in Athens, Greece.

Foundry & Goldsmiths

Jewellery making and goldsmithing carries a substantial historical and cultural significance in modern day Greece. Supporting a community that maintains these crafts alive is exceptionally important to us.


Experience & Learnings

In their studio mother and daughter, Stalo & Alexia exclusively hand design all the jewels. Having developed proprietary methods after decades of learning and development, has allowed them to explore new boundaries in jewellery design.

Designed by Hand

All pieces carry the traits of the hands that created them, making each one unique. Making them a personal journey through concepts, objects and actions.

Inspired always by the Japanese concept of Wabi-sabi, the art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in earthiness, of revering authenticity above all.

The Art of YSSO

A Blank Canvas

YSSO is derived from the word gold in Greek, "chrysso". As standalone word which does not have a traditional meaning, and was imagined by Stalo and Alexia on the concept of a blank canvas. Based on the idea that the brand and their designs become a vehicle for everyone to interpret them in different ways.

Curating Your Collections

Taking a holistic approach to the philosophy of considered design and artistic expression, our jewellery boxes are designed as timeless storage box. The unconventional use of the logo surounding the parameter of the box, is inspired by the storytelling friezes around Greek temples and was designed by our founder, Alexia Karides. Produced exclusively in the UK using FSC certified board and made from 100% recycled stock.


Our Design Anthology of Earrings, Rings and other Collectibles