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Confidence, Curiosity, Expression

YSSO is derived from the word gold in Greek, chrysso, and is meant to be a blank canvas for you to create your own stories for whatever you imagine yourself to be.

  Celebrating life, and creating inspiring jewellery that draws and preserves the imperfect uniqueness of handcrafted design.

Individually unique all designs are exclusively crafted at workshops in Athens, Greece, using ancient Greek jewellery making techniques with recycled bronze, gold and sterling silver. 

 YSSO brings forgotten motifs of the past together with modern design. The variety of designs within the collections want to evoke emotions that tell meaningful stories of myths, design and creation.

Alexia Karides, after working as a lawyer in London, founded YSSO in 2019 bringing decades of jewellery making and design of her mother, an archeologist. YSSO has an archive of design spanning three decades, which are recreated to contemporary collections. YSSO is rooted in four thematic collections, which are developed periodically throughout the year. The founder and her mother, both co-design jewellery to this day. Exploring history of art and culture imagine designs which are a fusion of the past and the present.

 Expressiveness comes in many forms - it is your past, your future, and your present. When you wear YSSO you are supporting a community and carrying with you a history.