About YSSO

YSSO is derived from the word gold in Greek – and aims to create wearable pieces of art jewellery that act as a source of inspiration that one can morph into anything they imagine themselves to be. YSSO as a word has no formal meaning, it is like a blank canvas, which gives way to each woman making it uniquely hers.


Stalo first started designing jewellery in France, secretly scribbling whilst in Archaeology and History of Art lectures at university. She went on to work as an archaeologist in Greece, leading excavations all across the country. Later in life, Stalo rediscovered those first scribbles of jewellery design hidden among her History of Art lecture notes. And now, after years studying ancient artefacts, she brings a new perspective to jewellery design, steeped in the richness of Greek culture and mythology.

Her daughter, Alexia, started her career on a slightly different path. Moving from Athens to London, she worked for three years as a corporate lawyer in the City of London. Unsurprisingly though, Alexia had inherited from her mother a passion for art, design, painting and photography. Gradually, it became obvious to Alexia that she wasn’t finding enough room for expression as a corporate lawyer.

Gradually, Stalo introduced Alexia to jewellery design. Unconventional jewellery became, for Alexia, a way to add a touch of personality and creativity to her work ‘uniform’. Alexia took the decision to quit her corporate job and set out to learn jewellery design from her mother.  

Prior to the launch of YSSO, Alexia and Stalo have spent four years working with local artisans in Athens to develop their collection.

They currently both co-design and Alexia is the CEO of YSSO, leading the creative direction, styling, photography and storytelling of the brand.